Routine Services

Routine eye care services is considered the initial entry point into Advantica's Total Eye Health Solution. Our routine eye benefit plans provide a comprehensive eye exam and coverage for materials, such as frames, lenses and contacts. This initial entry point is an important start to the management of a person's total health and wellness.

Refractory care is at the beginning of the process and it is important to ensure timely access to eye health providers and the highest quality of products for each member. Advantica has a proprietary national network comprised of thousands of independent and retail optical locations that allow access to members at key times (after work and weekends), but also allows for that long standing relationship with an independent eye care provider.

Advantica's Total Eye Health Solution can also include benefit coverage for materials and discounts on LASIK surgery, as well as mail order contact lenses. Coverage for materials can vary. Health plans can provide only a discount for materials. Discount programs are inexpensive way to put a base, wellness exam into a plan and still provide coverage for the needed hardware. A more common approach is a materials allowance. Health plan benefits provide allowances that can be used for either glasses or contact lenses. Within a material allowance, the health plan may or may not elect to apply member cost sharing.