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At Advantica, quality is a never-ending journey. We help facilitate enhanced quality in plan management and patient care through constructive consultation and guidance based on our long history in the industry and provide professional and medical expertise in the field.

When you partner with Advantica to manage your dental benefit program, our team spends the time and effort it takes to get to know the details and nuances of your specific and unique requirements. We listen to you one-on-one, and then our team responds with clearly defined, customized program that includes a broad range of services designed to ensure excellence in the delivery of dental services.

You can trust Advantica to take care of your specific requirements. Our approach to administering dental benefits is honest, straightforward and accountable. This allows you to focus on the medical side of your business while being confident that you are providing quality dental services to your members.

Elements of Distinction

How is Advantica different from other dental management companies?

Advantica is dedicated to building awareness of the opportunity to improve overall health and well-being through good dental care and members education and we offer innovative solutions to meet industry needs. This is the foundation on which Advantica stands - providing high quality service, reducing costs, and improving administrative efficiencies. All of this, supported by a deep sense of community responsibility and customer focus is what makes Advantica different.

  • We don't play games with administrative fees and hidden costs. Our administrative fees are upfront and reported.
  • We help you improve the quality of our dental program through strong partnerships.
  • We can even set up staff model clinics to support your program needs while dramatically cutting hospitalization rates and reducing costs.
  • We focus on wellness and promote preventive care and member education as an essential way to help keep your costs down.

What is Advantica's philosophy to providing care?

At Advantica our philosophy is that better dental care is provided through better partnerships with HMOs, dentists, members, and State entities. A partnership with Advantica empowers our clients by rising above the challenges of today's economic and legislative environment.

How does Advantica improve on the network of dentists providing care?

At Advantica with believe that every region is unique so we don't apply the same network development approach to every market. We distinguish ourselves by having the ability to develop networks of dentists that can include independent providers as well as dental and specialty staff model centers dedicated exclusively to the governmental program. These centers are key in providing access and controlling costs.

How does Advantica retain dentists in its program?

By partnering with our providers and making sure they understand the important role they play in the delivery of dental care. This is why we take the time and put forth the effort to develop Advisory Boards in every market we service. This ensures our clinical and operational policies and procedures are in tune with the practice patterns of the community that we serve and it makes our policies easier to implement. Our providers and clients also know that we do not play games with the premium by adding "other" administrative fees. We treat our providers with the same respect, honesty and integrity that we treat our clients and members. This approach gives us more satisfied providers.