Dental Plans


Advantica’s dental benefits offer compelling, customer-focused solutions for today’s cost-conscious environment.

Why Offer Dental?

A good dental plan is a critical factor in ensuring employee wellness and should be an integral aspect of an organization's overall employee health benefits program.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Oral health plays a central role in ensuring cost-effective wellness for the workforce and the employees' respective dependents. A dental plan prevents costly conditions by detecting and treating problems early on, saving money and time for both the employee and employer.

Employee Benefits

Dental benefits play a critical part in attracting and retaining quality employees. Employee benefit surveys report that 70 percent of respondents feel that it is "very/somewhat important" that prospective employers provide dental benefits. Those who currently receive dental benefits place a high value on their coverage and are willing to pay up to three-and-one-half times more to acquire the benefit.

Keep Your Employees Smiling

It is important to have dental benefits. Employees with dental coverage are more than twice as likely to visit a dentist as those without dental insurance. A person's oral health is improved by regular visits to the dentist.