Dental Care Capabilities

Advantica offers a variety of dental plan designs with additional flexibility for tailoring a plan to a client group's exact specifications.

Your Dental Needs, Covered

Advantica's plans include coverage for oral cancer brush screenings, treatment of bruxism (night grinding), veneers, composite fillings for the entire mouth, implants, and stacked benefits for orthodontia. Select the plan that is right for you to make sure what your employee's need is taken care of.

Product Portfolio

Advantica's diverse portfolio ensures that our members get exactly the coverage they need. Plans include voluntary and employer-paid, as well as customized plans to match almost any configuration desired. When a group transitions to Advantica midyear, we credit any deductible already met and start a new annual maximum.

Ease of Access

Advantica's extensive dental network options provide access points nationwide, guaranteeing reliable, convenient, and excellent dental service to all Advantica members.

Administrative Capabilities

HIPAA compliant technologies enable us to process claims more efficiently, turn around payments faster and reduce eligibility lag times while lowering error margins.

Exceptional Service

Your Advantica sales executive and account manager will work with you to ensure total satisfaction. Our highly trained and profession team is committed to delivering excellent service and we offer 24/7 customer service options to administrators, members and providers. Our customer service team handles encounters with efficiency, accuracy and great attention to detail. In addition to experience, ongoing staff training and development are key to ensuring continually high service levels.