Enroll a Group

After you are appointed and ready to enroll a group, please contact your sales representative or account manager.


Please direct all new business questions and quotes to the following contacts:

James W. Scheib, Jr. (National)
Vice President of Sales & Account Management
Office: 727.683.8815
Email: jscheib@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200

Sheila Tatham (All Markets)
Sales Coordinator
Office: 727.683.8821
Email: salescoordinator@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200

Julie Tingley (Florida Market)
Senior Account Executive, Sales
Office: 727.683.8827
Email: jtingley@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200

Tim Olsen (Mid-Atlantic)
Senior Account Executive, Sales
Office: 443.574.1122
Email: tolsen@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200

Kelly Lamoreaux (Mid-West)
Account Manager
Office: 314.543.4919
Email: klamoreaux@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200


Advantica provides dedicated service and support through our Client Services team.

Sean McCormick (National)
Regional Account Manager
Office: 727.683.8831
Email: smccormick@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200

Jeana Levin (Mid-Atlantic)
Account Manager
Office: 443.574.1126
Email: jlevin@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200

Wendy Johnston (Florida & Mid-Atlantic)
Client Service Associate
Office: 727.674.7027
Email: wjohnston@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200

Agnes Moll (Florida & Mid-West)
Client Service Associate
Office: 727.683.8826
Email: amoll@advanticabenefits.com
Fax: 727.712.2200